Different Types of Puppy Food

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Like small babies, puppies too are continuously growing and developing rapidly. The nutritional needs of a puppy are twice as much as a fully grown dog. Puppy food has its nutritional content aligned in such a way so as to aid in the proper development of their bones, joints, muscles, digestive and immune system. These needs can only be met with proper dietary intake, especially in the growing years.

Puppy food is generally not recommended for adult dogs since it contains nutritive requirements meant exclusively for puppies. For example, puppy food contains high fat which is needed for its growth. Also, dog food does not contain fat in such high quantity since adult dogs do not need it. The required amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals required for a pup to remain healthy are all very well included in the puppy food.

Types of Puppy Food:

A puppy is considered puppy until it reaches up to 80% of its adult required size. Tulle then, it is expected to be fed puppy food. The different types of puppy food are:


Moist food is made up of 75% water and therefore contains fewer nutrients

It even sticks to the teeth of the puppy staining them

It is not ideal the best choice of food for the puppy since it contains less nutrients due to its high moisture content

It is highly expensive

Moist puppy food is also the first to spoil it not stored and taken care of properly.


Semi moist food is also a good and practical option

It can also be stored quite easily and does not need to be refrigerated

Since it has within it a high level of salt, preservatives and sugar, it is known to induce hyperactivity and obesity in some dogs

Its benefits include that it is easy to digest and practical to use

It is not know to cause any positive effects on the dental health of the puppy

Dry Kibble

Is the easiest to digest than all other types of puppy food

Dry kibble contains more meat protein and is, therefore, the best type of puppy food.

It is pocket-friendly, affordable and keeps the pup’s teeth healthy

Besides, it is also a more practical choice, and the most widely recommended type of puppy food.

Dry kibble, along with a little moist food, is the best option of food intake for your puppy

Since its low moisture content, dry puppy food remains fresh and edible for a longer period of time

A puppy should be fed a minimum of three times a day until it is 6 months old. Thereafter, It is fine for your puppy to skip a meal or two occasionally if the growth is well monitored. Usually, a puppy is recommended to be fed twice a day, at least, if not thrice. Cooked egg, cottage cheese or canned food may also be included in your puppy’s diet once or twice in a fortnight.

Some warm water may also be added to the food to impart a little moisture to it. The puppy should be fed in the same place daily and should not be disturbed while eating. Regular visits to the veterinarian are highly advised.

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